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Control Room Operator

  • Location: Newcastle upon Tyne
  • Salary: £30,000 to £30,000
  • Type: Permanent
  • Posted: 132 days ago
  • Company: Catfoss Recruitment

Our client owns and operates a large multi-million pound waste processing and waste to energy plant and are looking to recruit a Control Room Operator to their expanding team.

You will have experience of control room operations within waste processing (Clinical Waste) and relevant SCADA knowledge & skills.

Control Room Operator - Main roles & responsibilities:
* Monitor Plant Operations, monitor all plant operations on screens and computers.
* Fix Problems, troubleshoot and repair the electrical and mechanical equipment to get everything back on track to minimise safety risks and economic losses.
* Track and Log Operational Systems. The Control Room Operator is responsible for tracking and recording the status of the operational system using applicable journals and control system tools.
* Make Recommendations. From your vantage point, a Control Room Operator is in a great position to identify and recommend changes to improve overall plant reliability, performance and output.
* Monitor Emissions. 9CEM's) An important duty of the Control Room Operator is to monitor the operations of emissions control equipment and adjust it to meet EA permit.

Control Room Operator requirements:
The pressurised nature of the Control Room Operator job requires a candidate who can work well under pressure, and who adjusts quickly to change. Control Room Operators must remain flexible and productive in times of continuing change and fast paced operation. You should also be a good analytical thinker, able to gather data, determine and take a course of action after identifying possible consequences.
Along with these attributes, Control Room Operators should also have the following skills:

* Strong aptitude in math; ability to use addition, subtraction, multiplication and division to perform flow, pressure, performance and meter calculations.
* Ability to work both independently and in a team environment.
* Good interpersonal and communication skills.
* Knowledge of generating unit operation, engineering, or maintenance practices.
* Ability to operate various switches, control devices and valves, and knowledge of the effect each has on total plant operations.
* Undertaken relevant SCADA training
* COTC Level 4 General or Clinical waste would be a bonus, but not compulsory.

Please apply ASAP!

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